Course Description

Herbalist Kareem is excited to share his experiences, teachings, research and compassion for the love of herbs and the medicinal properties it has in the body. This is a non-certified herbal course. In this course you will learn many aspects of becoming an herbalist starting in your home to your community. All proceeds towards this Holistic Herbalism Course will go to Spiritual Love Ministry a non-profit organization. 

Herbalist Kareem Kareem Herbalist

Herbalist Kareem is working towards his passion of becoming a Master Herbalist, and sharing with the world on how the body is powerful. He also wants you to learn and understand the details of HSV1 and HSV2.  The lack of knowledge in this subject, is allow certain groups to take advantage of people from knowing how the body will heal itself from diseases. This webinar will give you the tools you need to receive a negative test and start your journey to eating better and healthier to a brighter future.

Course curriculum

    1. Holistic Herbalism Course (PDF)

    1. Introduction from Herbalist Kareem Part# 1

    2. Introduction from Herbalist Kareem Part# 2

    1. FDA Terms

    2. Desiccants In Bottles/FDA

    1. Nutrition and Combining Foods

    2. Nutrition 101

    1. Alkaline vs Acidic Foods

    2. Alkaline vs Acidic Foods

    3. ALKALINE-FORMING AND Acid-Forming Foods and Detoxification

    1. Powerful Fasting Methods


About this course

  • $499.99
  • 62 lessons
  • 58.5 hours of video content